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Buying a property in Spain is different from buying in Belgium. The tasks of the Spanish notary are rather limited. Among other things, the notary is not responsible for the verification of building permits, linked debts, the statutes of co-ownership, the registration of your property in the land register, etc. In addition, you should be well aware of the purchase costs and taxes linked to your Spanish property. Together with our team, we aim to provide complete guidance from A to Z, in full transparency and in your native language.

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Gianni Seghers traded his life in Beveren for the Costa Blanca to help Flemish people find their dream home. Now he works at New Construction in Spain and aims to create a Flemish enclave in Spain


Gianni Seghers, formerly with Beaver-based family company ISOSEGHERS, has recently made the move to Antwerp-based real estate company New Construction in Spain.


In the dynamic world of real estate, there are countless challenges and opportunities, especially for those venturing into managing a property business abroad on their own. Carl and Freyke, an ambitious duo with a passion for real estate, have taken the plunge and started their own new construction project in Spain. In an exclusive interview with Gazet van Antwerpen, they share their experiences, insights, and the obstacles they have had to overcome. From bureaucratic red tape to cultural differences and the unique opportunities offered by the Spanish real estate market, Carl and Freyke provide an open and honest behind-the-scenes look at their venture and offer valuable tips for anyone considering taking a similar leap.