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Wintering in Spain: Escaping the Belgian winter

Spain, with its sun-drenched coastline and pleasant climate, attracts many visitors every year who want to escape the cold and grey winter in Belgium. In this blog, we dive deeper into the phenomenon of wintering in Spain, discuss the favourable winter climate and give an insight into why buying a house in Spain might be for you.

As temperatures drop in Belgium and the days get shorter, many long for an escape from the winter blues. Spain is known as a popular European destination for winter travellers, not only because of its favourable climate, but also because of its attractive lifestyle.


Mild and pleasant winter climate

Spain's winter climate is generally mild and pleasant. With temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius, it offers a pleasant escape from the cold winters elsewhere in Europe. The sunny days and mild evenings create an ideal environment for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Easy travel with daily flights

Spain is easily accessible with daily flights to various destinations. Whether you want to go to Costa del Sol or the Canary Islands, the availability of daily flights makes travelling to Spain during winter effortless. This facilitates not only planning a last-minute getaway, but also maintaining a second home.

Rich culture and delicious food

Besides its favourable climate, Spain offers a rich culture and delicious cuisine. The warm hospitality of the Spanish people, combined with traditional feasts and culinary delights, makes living in Spain during winter a unique experience. Explore local markets, sample tapas in cosy taverns and enjoy colourful Spanish life. We previously wrote an article on relaxing on the Costa Del Sol!

Wide Scala of activities all year round

One of the attractive aspects of Spain in winter is the wide range of activities available all year round.

Beach walks along the vast coastlines

Spain's coastlines provide the perfect setting for relaxing beach walks. Enjoy the fresh sea air as you walk along vast beaches surrounded by stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Golf on year-round golf courses

Golf lovers can enjoy their favourite sport all year round in Spain. With numerous golf courses open all year round, the mild winter climate provides ideal conditions for a relaxing day on the course.

Participate in local fiestas and traditions

Spain is known for its lively local fiestas and traditions, which take place throughout the year. During the winter months, you can take part in colourful celebrations and cultural festivities, allowing you to experience Spanish traditions up close.

Enjoy Spanish cuisine in local taverns

Winter in Spain also offers the opportunity to enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine. Local taverns serve authentic dishes, from tasty tapas to heart-warming stews, allowing you to discover the country's culinary diversity.

How warm is it in winter in Spain?

The answer to the question "How warm is it in winter in Spain?" varies by region. In the coastal regions, from Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol, you will enjoy temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius in winter. These regions are known for their mild winters, making them perfect for those looking to escape the cold.

The ideal climate for a second home

Owning a second home in Spain can not only be a smart investment, but also provide the perfect refuge from the winter months. Especially the warm climate in Spain during winter makes it an attractive location for a holiday home or second home abroad.

Choose a reliable partner when buying

When considering property in Spain, it is crucial to choose a reliable partner. NB-ESTATES, whose offer includes New Construction in Spain , is known as such a partner. With Belgian roots and recognised status, we can guide you in finding your dream home in Spain and explain all the necessary steps in your own language.

Avoid the cold: life in Spain during winter

Daily life in Spain during the cold months differs considerably from the Belgian winter. Besides the weather, the vibrant culture and many outdoor activities play a major role.

Accessibility: daily flights to Spain

Worries about reaching your home in Spain during winter are unfounded; as there are daily flights available. These flights ensure that you can travel to your Spanish home at any time.

In short, Spain is an excellent choice for those looking to escape the winter cold. With mild winters, a vibrant culture, an attractive property market and accessibility, Spain is the ideal location to spend the winter. NB-ESTATES can support you in finding the perfect property to enjoy the favourable winter climate in Spain.

Are you ready for a winter in Spain?

Author: Filip Berger