Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Immo Spain, historic sales figures in 2021!

Madrid - Housing sales reached 50,258 transactions in July this year, according to the Spanish Statistics Office (INE), the highest figure since April 2008, when it reached 50,400. Freyke Van Looveren of the website Nieuwbouw in Spanje confirms the high level of interest and traffic in recent months.

Housing sales during the month of July reached the highest figure in 13 years (2008) with a total of 50,258 transactions. In addition, according to the INE report, it is also up 53.5 percent from the same month last year and a 4.3 percent increase from June 2021. 

It is the fifth consecutive month that home sales transactions in Spain have seen a very high increase. One could say that these figures are so high because of the fact that during the COVID and paired measures a lot of transactions could not go through and were carried out from July. 

But if one looks at the same month in 2019 (before COVID), the trend is positive and there is a 4 percent increase. This is a confirmation that the figures are even higher than before the pandemic and that the strong and upward evolution of 2018 is being continued. 

Home sales exceeded 50,000 transactions in July, the best figure since April 2008. For more than a decade, the threshold of 50,000 purchases was not exceeded. Therefore, it is not only the best figure so far this year, but the highest figure in the past 13 years. It has been since the 2008 boom (April 2008) that this figure was exceeded.

Freyke Van Looveren of Nieuwbouw in Spanje ( confirms the great interest and buzz in recent months: "Although we specialize mainly in assisting Flemings, we really see a trend in the increase of applications from other nationalities and Spaniards. Our feeling fully reflects these official figures of the INE."

What also stands out is the purchase of the large number of new homes (9,510) which is an increase of 40.2 percent. New construction sales thus represent a total of almost 20 percent of total transactions.

According to Carl Vorsselmans of Nieuwbouw in Spanje, they see this evolution confirmed: "It is true that there are a lot of new construction sales, we see this evolution recurring in all our regions where we operate. Depending on the region, the new construction offer also fluctuates, but it is clear that every buyer is focusing on a new construction property first before turning to the second-hand market."

Source: press release