Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Belgian licensed real estate agent in Spain and Tenerife

In Spain, the legislation on this is completely different and basically anyone can become a real estate agent. Does that mean that all Dutch-speaking estate agents in Spain are by definition not to be trusted. We certainly don't want to say that, but....

Nevertheless, in terms of traceability, responsibility, it is certainly interesting and reassuring to work with a Belgian licensed real estate agent or under his supervision. Not only for yourself, but also for other directly or indirectly involved links.

Automatically, this licensed broker creates more confidence for the other actors involved (bank, notary, lawyer, tax expert, ...) in the purchase process.  

Why choose a Belgian licensed real estate agent in Spain?

In Belgium, the legislation regarding real estate brokerage is very strict and clear, abuses are dealt with by fines and even prison sentences. This means that a lot of wheat has been separated from the chaff.

It is a recognized profession just like a doctor, notary or lawyer with a supervisory institute with many obligations in terms of training, knowledge, taxation, responsibility, further training, etc.

In this way, the real estate agent also has a lot to worry about. Given his traceability and responsibility, he is automatically very involved in the story, as it were in the bath and has every interest in everything running smoothly. 

Moreover, he not only has liability insurance, but also a protected third-party account, which is very reassuring for certain transactions. 

Towards Belgian or Dutch banks, notaries, lawyers, this intervention of an authorized real estate agent in Spain is very reassuring and facilitates the communication during the purchase. 

Nieuwbouw in Spanje works under the BIV license 501511, this is a permanently granted license and can be checked on www.biv.be.

Nice to find us this way, isn't it?

Good luck.